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    Family business originates as legal personality from the year 1978, but has economic activity as an individual since 1940 Given as single-sourced artisanal fisheries.



Initiating its business since 1940, is dedicated to supply to major cities of Chile, then in 1978 start to expand their business, making its first exports. On this date Fisheries Salmar Ltda was created as legal entity promoting their business, beginning to supply international markets, initially the East (Korea, Japan, etc) and then the United States and Europe.



Once you start working with Europe, mainly Spain, the business relationship is maintained to date.

Besides this the company makes the entire production process from plant to offshore, ie purchasing product that artisanal fishing operations by recepciona own boats and moved to the processing plant. It is then transported by their fleet to land port of shipment to foreign markets.


Currently this consists of a plant located in the X Region, City Calbuco with 35,800 m2 of land and 3,351 m2, with rural drinking water, and salt well.





Calbuco, Region de los Lagos Chile

Camino a Caicaen Km 2.5

 (56-65) 2207400


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Sincen 1940 given as single-sourced artisanal fisheries 


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