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 Our company Pesquera Salmar initiates his activities in 1940 as a natural person, supplying with bottom fish, shellfish and cephalopods the main cities of Chile. From 1978 as legal entity been created Pesquera Salmar, and initiating the export of seafood such as Chilean abalone, sea urchins and frozen and fresh hake.

The exports markets in the beginning were Korea and Japan and later new markets were opened such as U.S.A and Spain, with this last country the commercial links were very strong exporting to that country about 1100 tons of fresh whiting (Merluccius merluccius). These strong links are still maintained until today in spite of the Spanish economic crisis.

 The way that Salmar operates is that our vessels buy to the small and independent fishermen their seafood and bring it to Pesquera Salmar plant in Calbuco.

Pesquera Salmar develops his activities in two areas.

A) Fleet.

The fleet has 4 vessels with a average Gross Tonnage 37.75 and 8 crew members.

B) Plant.

The water supply for our plant comes from the public network, our own well and the seawater from the Calbuco Bay.

The plant has 3 main process rooms, Room Nº 1 for Salmon value aggregated products, Room Nº 2 for Hake fresh process and Room Nº 3 for crab and octopus process.

Also it has a main raw mantaeinance room from –1Cº to –10Cº if required.

Their are 2 blast freezers with a capacity of 20 tons a day and 2 cold storage with 40 tons each capacity, a ice storage room that has a capacity hold of  30 tons  day of ice, produced by a North Star ice flake machine.

Finally their is a big roofed court for the reception of shellfish and crabs.

The plant is completed with offices , inside the plant, small warehouses ,the compressor room.

This gives a total of 3.351 square meters in a site of 35.800 square meters.

Another important issue is that Pesquera Salmar is certified in HACCP process regulations by our Fishing Bureau (Sernapesca) and it`s also BRC certified.

Pesquera Salmar has permissions and authorizations to export to :

Brazil, U.S.A., Russia, Vietnam , China and the ECC. Salmon, hake , bottom fish in general, shellfish and cephalopods




Calbuco, Region de los Lagos Chile

Camino a Caicaen Km 2.5

 (56-65) 2207400


Who we are


Sincen 1940 given as single-sourced artisanal fisheries 


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